Sunday, June 27, 2010

D5 surgery life...

It had been so excited since induction thatI could finally started my life as a houseman. All the senior housemen were so willing to teach, and even it s the very first day while u dont know the rules here, they started ask u to do everything. Taking blood, sign consent, check blood, review patient, clerk new case, discharge summary and other admin work. I was wondering why I could tolerate all these while I could study other courses that don't need to spend so much of my time on working. And I heard most of the seniors were saying, starting to regret to be a doctor. In fact, most of us agreed that not the workload burdening us. It s the MOs who always scolded us unnecessarily and made us not so keen to work happily. I m so luckily, was trained in HUKM for being scolded till no feeling. haha... It s crazy. Day by day, the time passed. and on day 5 of working life, I start to think that I could manage cases already. Thanks to seniors...Tonight, UNIMAS student came. I started to miss those HOs in HUKM who ever helped us and signed for us. hehe... Hope that tomorrow life will be easier as Mr Ooi who graduated from UKM as well, will very "keen" to teach us... All the best

Thursday, June 10, 2010


想到就要进入人生另一个turning point, 感觉有点焦虑。
今年的生日愿望应该是成功渡过每一个posting 吧!嘻嘻!

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