Friday, July 24, 2009

Kampua, I MISS you!!!

This is a LUCKY day for me.
After finishing a posting, usually most people would go back home.
HOMe sweet HOMe.
though i couldnt go home, I managed to have this very typical home town food~~ kampua mee.
After around 15 mins drive to Pandan Jaya,
we managed to get to this one-year-old stall.
Very typical foochow boss. He~~~He~~~
After all, it s just a RM3.50 noodles which made me feel very warm as It s my favorite food.
It s almost my everyday breakfast or supper.
And now, few minutes driving could let me feel the warmth of my sweet sweet home.

Thanks my lovely buddy, Koh Ging.
You re really great!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Be a nerd!

Never know that i could be a nerd one day!
that s what my name means....~~~~

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Off Exam MOde

Finally, I have gone through the 1st core posting in Final year.
Happily, it s the only posting with formal exam at this moment.
Though the questions were not so easy, I hope I could pass it.
Remedial class is definitely not my cup of tea since I want to spend my new year with my dearest sister already.
After this, must keep on going...
NOw, Lay down, Relax and take a deep breathe!

Family Medicine, I am coming soon

Friday, July 17, 2009





Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Happy Birthday to ME...

This is D1 post my 24th birthday.

Since last Friday, my beloved friends had been celebrating with me.
At that very moment, I felt i am so lucky to have them as my friends.
I would say, the life without them in HUKM or Tanjung Karang, would not be memorable for me after i walked out of medical school.
As usual, our program always includes Karaoke-- I-box...
During weekend, I did not have enough time to get a good rest as well in view of bundles of friends keep on asking me out. (Dont be jealous!)
Finally, My Birthday on 14th July, as well as the independence day of France.
Everyone wishing me through Facebook and sms like flooding.
for whole day i was replying message to everyone of u,
and I am really glad all of you didnt forget me.

Big thanks to Julian for the durian as well as Jane and Koh Ging for your presents.
A special thanks to Dr. Nadiah who gave me a treat on this special occasion.
Big kisses to all my love ones.
Last but not least, My parents esp mum who doted me so much.
ANd.... mY Heavenly Father who brought me passed through all the sorrows and weaknesses.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

PhObia Of Needle

I was diagnosed to have ??? disease.
In the morning, Prof Harlina had given me one injection of Dexamethasone.
In the later evening, Prof Azlin gave me another.

Walao eh... who am I so powerful, requiring two prof to inject for me.
I started to feel numbness at my buttock.
My right Lower limb became anaesthetized.
I couldn't walk......
SOB, panic attack, tremors, all coming at one time.
My God, I am lost in the space.
Space of my dream...

Wondering why i had such a dream.
is it because i "cucuk" too many times when i was in Slim river hospital?
Or because I saw a person who failed to be venepuncture for more than 5 times this afternoon?
I could feel the tension of being "cucuk" so many times.
and Now i experienced it.
I m frightened.
no, No, NO, it s not gonna happened to me.

Monday, July 6, 2009

PRHO life!!!

The first day back in HUKM.
More busy than slim river hospital.
Everyone seems so busy and hurry, making me feeling palpitation.
Dont like this feeling at all.
After Dr Lim's briefing, I felt more tension.
Cant imagine how is life going to be.
"YOu are expected to do clerking, discharge summary,....."
Anyway, It's time for me to train myself to be more competent.
I m sure I can do it if others can.
God, Grant me with Strength, Power and Passion.

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