Sunday, July 25, 2010

1st pay in my post-graduated life

After one month plus hardship, finally got the first salary.
It was Rm5913.16.
To many people, it s high paid.
Only those in our field will agree that we deserve more.
many a times, i felt sodisappointed with my own stupidness during work.
though i didnt make big mistakes, my boss will continue to say destructive comments.
I love my job very much,
but my life never stopsbeing abused.
luckily i m always positive minded.
i wish all ppl around me are positive also to face their life.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

One month due...

After one month in Surgery, I found out many secrets.
This is probably happening in every hospital in the world.
HO is not only the lowest class dr, but also clerk, nurse, PPK, physiotherapist, Occupational therapist and etc...
Though everyday got chance to be scolded by Mr. 100, I still like my job.
I always wanna do the best but my wish was never coming true in the eye (He probably has one eye only) of specialist.
I started to understand the way UKM trained us in a PPD way is not to be another specialist or MO like these fellows.
As for me, contructive comments always can encourage me more rather than keep scolding.
I love my job and have passion for the patients.
But ppl always label you as something else which they never see what u did and just commented on u what ever they want.
I m grateful, for having a bad start in this department and I would continue to do my best to prove to them that i m eligible for my title.
Yesterday was my post call day and there were 2 guys came in with poor prognosis.
Even though they left in the end in the next morning, the family thank me for taking good care of them as well as to treat the family members nicely. At the same time, I saw Rev Lau, who was my youth advisor last time. He wished me and blessed me to be a good christitan Dr.
I m proud. Maybe I m not that knowledgeable and capable to do an operation yet. But I tried my best everyday to be the best that I could.
I still remember Mr Halim told me. No matter which posting u go, u must do your best even though u dont like the posting. And I m doing it. That s why I wont mind of what ppl said again. cos I know I m not doing it for the sake to avoid being scolded. It s for the patient's benefits.
Gambateh, Bernard!

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